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1927 Moscatel de Setúbal José Maria da Fonseca (wicker bottle)

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The name José Maria da Fonseca is closely linked to Moscatel de Setúbal, becoming almost synonymous with this great wine born in the Setúbal region. The truth is that some of the best muscatels in the world are born in the know of this old family company.

José Maria da Fonseca was born in 1834, at the hands of José Maria da Fonseca, who had just finished his studies at Coimbra University as a mathematician. He founded the company, and 15 years later, in 1849, the brand Moscatel de Setúbal was born. Although JMF is primarily known for its great muscatels, it has also created timeless table wine brands, such as Periquita, created in 1850, Lancers in 1944.

MJF's muscatels are rare relics that are released by the drop of a hat and are a must-stop. The oldest muscatels in the region belong solely to this company and are unforgettable, standing up to the best-fortified wines in the world, such as Port and Madeira.

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