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2018 Sparkling Wine Quintas de Melgaço QM Super Reserva Alvarinho white

ID: 9100343
The rarity of Alvarinho, low production and distinction make these grapes one of the most valuable of Portugal. The quality of the grapes come from natural reasons of soil and microclimate, but also cultural practices who gently treats the vines and carefully refines the best ripeness for harvesting, capital phase for the definition of wine performance. In winemaking, Quinta de Melgaço follows the traditional methods and oenological practices considered most suitable for the sub-region, contributing to extract all the quality of the grapes arrive at the winery. This is where Quintas de Melgaço gives carefully their own identity to the wines it produces. Prior to bottling, the technical experts attending the wine presents a correct chemical composition is adequately clear and present proof qualities. For certification, the wine is subjected to the laboratory Viticulture Commission of the Vinho Verde Region, which, upon approval, issues the seals. There is great concern about the quality of the bottle and the cork, so that makes the wine have a well evolve in the bottle and a good performance in the cup.