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2018 Quinta das Tecedeiras Libertas red

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Known in the past as Quinta da Teixeira or Teixeira Velha, Quinta das Tecedeiras owes its current name to the nuns who lived there and dedicated themselves to weaving linen, which in the past was grown there.

At the end of the 19th century, with the death of the vines caused by Phylloxera, the Quinta subsisted thanks to the production of olive oil and fruit. Years later, it was time to reconvert the vineyards, but with the care of keeping some old plots, a heritage that offers today to the oenology, with the production of wines from the old vineyards.

With schist soils, a hot climate in summer, and harsh winters, protected from the wind by the mountains that surround the area, this is a dream terroir for any winemaker who aims to produce good Douro wines.