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2020 Quinta da Pedra Escrita red

ID: 6063857

Quinta da Pedra Escrita, belonging to the Roboredo Madeira family for about 8 generations, was restored in 2007. Characterised by its arid soils, planting vines is no easy task, but it is this very challenge that makes its wines aromatic and of enormous complexity, also involving characteristics that allow them enormous longevity.

These wines are also, a tribute to all those who shaped and inspired Rui Roboredo Madeira.

In one of the most remote areas of the Iberian Peninsula, in the border area between Douro Superior and Beira Alta, it was in the family that Rui Roboredo Madeira's passion for the aromas and smells of the land that mould his character was born. After years of experience and living in other parts of the world, Rui brings back to his origins what he has learned, starting his wine production project, always with maximum respect for nature.