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With 90 years of commercial experience, Garrafeira Nacional relies on its knowledge in this area to give you a fair and adequate valuation.

Are you looking for an easy way to make your beverage collection into money? Send us information of your bottles and get a detailed market analysis. Garrafeira Nacional is looking for good wines and distilled beverages that have been conveniently stored and have commercial value. Here you will get a customized business appreciation of your own collection, without risk of extra taxes, or sales commissions typically used in auctions.

Why selling to Garrafeira Nacional?

Founded in 1927 with one of the more extensive and valuable collection of table wines, vintage Port, rare Ports, Madeira wine, whiskies, cognacs, brandies, Champaign and others, with every single one of them carefully selected in accordance to its authenticity and origin’s importance. With more than 89 years of commercial experience, Garrafeira Nacional relies on its knowledge of the market to give you a fair and adequate appreciation, within scope of the present market value and backed on well defined analysis criteria. We honor our values.

How to obtain an appreciation/proposal of acquisition:

Send an email to garrafas@garrafeiranacional.com with a precise inventory of all the bottles. Please, kindly include as well photos of said bottles (each photo with no more than 1MB), where it’s possible to visualize the whole bottle in order for a better analysis. The bottles should be in a good preservation state.

We will give priority to bottles with value propositions. In case you do not know the nominal value of your collection, such will be given by our specialists which will establish said value based on several factors, such as current market price, fast selling possibility, adjusted value.

The whole process will be transparent. Since there aren’t any specialist located in our physical stores, please kindly refrain of bringing bottles to the stores with that purpose.