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Garrafeira Nacional offers complete service of packaging and delivery to your hotel room.

I am travelling to Lisbon, how shall I do to buy wines and bring them with me on the return trip?

It is very simple. Take into account the legal limit applied in your country for entry of alcoholic beverages a make your order here by adding all the desired products to the shopping cart. Should anything be unclear, kindly look for customized advice by sending an email to enologo@garrafeiranacional.com.

Can I place an order in your online store and get it delivered to my hotel room ready to be dispatched on the airplane?

Of course, we will deliver the order to an address of your choosing already packaged. For this service, kindly fill the "shipping address" with the exact address of the hotel, with the respective room number, or the address of the place where you are staying in Lisbon. For packaging, please select "Travel packaging" while placing your order.

After your order is placed and the payment is concluded and received in our system you will get two notifications: confirmation for successfully placing the order and confirmation of the dispatch of said order. Be advised that your order will take about 1 or 2 working days to be delivered. Usually, it's delivered the day after. For purchases above 50€ (fifty euros), the packaging and the delivery service become free.

Can I ask for travel packaging?

Absolutely! With 90 years of experience, our goal is to provide a quality service in everything we do, of course, is no exception. You can have your packaging well set and reinforced.

In case you rather take the bottles in your bag instead of the cargo hold, you can acquire a Wineskin, which is a safe, practical, and affordable solution to isolate and protect the bottle. You can also opt for a bag made entirely to transport bottles, this bag allows for transportation of up to 15 bottles in a safe manner. It protects against impact and is resistant to crushing.