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All the wines and brands in Portugal’s biggest shop window! With the safety, support and trust of Garrafeira Nacional.


What’s the GN Marketplace?

GN Market place is the platform, managed by Garrafeira Nacional, that will allow to all the clients to buy in the same order, products from a broad range of certified and trustworthy partners, with our safety and insurance. With more than 90 years of commercial experience in the field, the aim with this exclusively digital platform is to widen our product variety.

The goal of GN Marketplace?

To broaden our inventory, making thousands of goods, through several trustworthy partners available for purchase in our digital store. We will select our partners rigorously, which will provide your articles in our online store, offering to any and all clients the possibility of acquiring a broad range of articles, guarantee seal and trust from Garrafeira Nacional.

How does GN Marketplace works?

The procedure for the acquisition of any and all available good hasn’t changed. In case you have selected a product from one of our GN Marketplace partners, that product will be dispatched by said partner, with the support and insurance of Garrafeira Nacional.

How do I identify an article sold by one of the GN Marketplace partners?

All GN Marketplace products are identified in their profile page with “Shipped by”.

If I buy any GN Marketplace products, do I have the Garrafeira Nacional’s guarantee?

Yes! Garrafeira Nacional quality standards will be kept the same and the client will keep benefiting from a qualified and trustworthy service as we always strived to provide. All operations, undertaken in the webpage, including ones made by our GN Marketplace partners, will be supervised in all strictness, insuring to all clients an enjoyable online shopping experience.