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Moscatel de Setúbal José Maria da Fonseca Torna Viagem 50cl

ID: 9120012

José Maria da Fonseca discovered Torna Viagem over a century ago. At the time when ships crossed the seas of the world doing all kinds of trade, it was common for them to take hulls of Moscatel de Setúbal on consignment. The captains, who received a commission for what they sold, didn't always manage to sell all of them. On their return to Portugal, after their tour of different climates and significant temperature variations, the hulls were returned to the mother company. When they were opened, the result was almost always a pleasant surprise: the wine was generally much better than before it went on board.

Walking through the tropics on the way to Brazil, Africa or India, when it crossed the equator twice, once on the way there and once on the way back, improved the quality of Moscatel de Setúbal and gave it great complexity.

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