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2021 Bafarela Grande Reserva red

ID: 6063781

The Casa Agrícola Brites Aguiar extends over 200 hectares of schistose land, distributed by the slopes of the Torto River and the Ribeira de Galegos. Surrounded by the Douro's microclimate, each culture has its election place, because until the end of the 60s, the economic support of the Agricultural House, was the Olive grove. As the years went by, the culture passed to a second plan, prioritizing the Vine until nowadays. Other cultures continue to be explored, however, the focus is the culture of the vineyard for wine production.

The wines of the Casa Agrícola Brites Aguiar are presented with the range Bafarela and Brites Aguiar, being this last one, the maximum exponent of its portfolio, only produced in exceptional years.