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2018 Flor das Tecedeiras red 1.5L

ID: 6062770
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Known in the past as Quinta da Teixeira or Teixeira Velha, Quinta das Tecedeiras owes its current name to the nuns who inhabited it and dedicated themselves to weaving the flax that had been cultivated there. By that time, the fifth belonged to the county of S. Pedro das Águias and served as a sanctuary and refuge for political persecution and common crime, staying these on the farm and paying their protection with work. At the end of the nineteenth century with the death of vines caused by phylloxera, the fifth survived thanks to the production of oils and fruits. Years later the time was of reconversion of the vineyard, but with the care of maintaining some old parcels, inheritance that today offers to the oenology of the fifth grapes of old vines for the construction of special wines. From soils of schistous nature, hot summer weather and harsh winters, sheltered from the wind by the mountain ranges that surround the area, this is a dream terroir for any winemaker who aspires to produce good wines.