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2021 Tonico Vinho de Talha white

ID: 6013113

It's a bright straw yellow colour with hints of gold. The aroma is challenging, rich, intense and extremely complex, revealing itself little by little. The earthy impact of the carving clay blends with notes of ripe fruit, orange jam, marmalade and pear. The palate is intense and multi-textured, with a clear unctuousness that is counterbalanced by the firmness of the elegant but present tannins. The acidity is lively and surprisingly savoury, providing balance and finishing long and very complex.

This wine-growing project, located in Amareleja, is inspired by the valorisation of traditional varieties and old vines, through a permanent exploration of experimental oenological techniques and methodologies.

Totaling about 11 hectares of old and new vines, the predominant varieties are essentially typical of the region, producing authentic and genuine Alentejo wines.