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1945 CRF Garrafeira Particular red

ID: 6202318

Since 1895 Carvalho, Ribeiro & Ferreira, LDA., produces wines and spirits. In the early 80s, began his vineyard development plan. They have vineyards in Dão - Quinta do Serrado in Torres Vedras - Quinta da Folgorosa and Colares - Tavares & Rodrigues. In Quinta do Serrado C. R. & F. vinified its own production of approximately 10 hectares. Quinta da Folgorosa has approximately 45 hectares of production, part of which is bottled as wine from the house and the surplus is used in other table wines. In Colares, we are witnessing a process of revival of the famous Colares wine. It has about 10 hectares of vineyards in full production. In 1992 they started their own production and has been involved in mocrovinificação experiments to evaluate the evolution of these wines under different conditions of winemaking. Since 1991 it has been restructing internally in order to achieve a more effective control of operations. Its aim is to produce quality products at competitive prices.