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1964 Caves São João Reserva Particular red

ID: 6200456
Established in 1920 by the brothers José, Manuel and Albano Costa, the wine-cellars Caves São João are a family company that, in its beginnings was dedicated to the commercialization of fine wines of the Douro region and liqueurs. This company, which is nowadays the most ancient wine-producing family company in full activity in the district of Anadia, turned to the production and commercialization of table wines from Bairrada after a bill passed in the 30s prohibited the production of Oporto Wines outside the area of Vila Nova de Gaia. In the 50’s, the company launches one of best known brands of Bairrada region – “Frei João” – followed by the no less famous “Porta dos Cavaleiros”, from the Dão region.