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1965 Glen Garioch 21 years 75cl

ID: 2990613
Glen Garioch has stayed true to its roots for over 200 years. Records state that whisky was first made in 1797, but there’s belief in some quarters that it’s even older. The distillery was originally a tannery and then a brewery before being converted into a whisky-making distillery in 1797. Glen Garioch has had a chequered history ever since passing from the hands of its founders John and Alexander Manson to William Sanderson in 1904 (creator of Vat 69 blend of which Glen Garioch was a prized constituent) and DCL in 1943. In 1970, the distillery was sold to Stanley P. Morrison, and in 1972 Glen Garioch was the first distillery to gas fire its stills as well being launched later that year as a single malt.