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1998 Virar do Século 1999/2000 red 5L

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The bottles of the old wines may present traces of dust and damaged labels, according to their age. Garrafeira Nacional is obliged to store all the wines at the correct temperature and humidity but always chooses to maintain the visual aspect inherent to their age.

We have made a selection of brands/regions that, as a rule, reveal distinctive characteristics when tasting old wines. However, we inform you that wine is a living organism that is exposed to time, and even within a bottle, the aromas are subject to different evolutions.

Garrafeira Nacional cannot be held responsible for the quality of the product, as it is old wine. Our recommendation is to open the bottle and let the wine air beforehand, as this will help release its natural aromas after so many years closed. If you choose to decant the wine before serving, make sure you do it patiently to detect the appearance of deposits that an old wine tends to create.