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2010 Vega-Sicilia Unico Ribera del Duero red 1.5L

ID: 6220712

The land that would become Vega Silicia, was disputed for years between Peñafiel and the Monastery of Valbuena and it was in 1477 that the monks and the council would reach an agreement. The latter would have the jurisdiction and the arable land and the monks would have the forest cover. But it was in 1577 that the name Vega de Sicilia first appeared in history when referring to the estate. For centuries the estate was exploited and bought from the Marquis of Valbuena, by Toribio Lecanda in 1848, where his son Eloy Lecanda, begins to produce wine professionally in the estate's winery.

Thus, the need arose to build facilities, offices and aging warehouses. The aim would be to produce wine of a quality equal to that produced in Bordeaux. In 1982, the Álvarez family bought the property while remaining true to the objective, i.e. wine is only produced in exceptional vintage years.