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2011 Península de Lisboa tinto

ID: 6030635


The Companhia Agrícola do Sanguinhal was founded in the 1920s, by Abel Pereira da Fonseca, in the Bombarral region. At that time, Abel Pereira da Fonseca owned the largest network of retail establishments in the country, taking advantage of his position to create the Company, dedicated only to the production and trade of wines.

The Companhia Agrícola do Sanguinhal is made up of three Quintas: Quinta do Sanguinhal, Quinta das Cerejeiras and Quinta de São Francisco, located in the Lisbon Wine Region, more specifically in the Óbidos Demarcated Region. Here the properties benefit from a microclimate provided by the Serra de Montejunto and the Atlantic Ocean, which gives the still wines, fortified wines, and brandies, a fresh and balanced profile, revealing their unique characters.