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2011 Vale do Ancho Reserva red

ID: 6010943
In 2012, the leadership of the Herdade do Menir, and all of its brands was assumed by a family from the South of Portugal (Algarve). In this context, a new high-quality wine brand was created: Barão Rodrigues Reserva Red and White wine. The Barão Rodrigues family dedicates all of their passion in producing high-quality wine, based on the knowledge and tradition of the Alentejo region.


    特別価格 ¥113,965.41 通常価格 ¥142,456.76

    2016 Blog Alicante Bouchet + Syrah by Tiago Cabaço tinto 9L

    特別価格 ¥8,619.23 通常価格 ¥10,774.04

    2016 Coelheiros tinto 5L

    特別価格 ¥13,886.54 通常価格 ¥17,358.18

    2001 Mouchão tinto 1,5L

    特別価格 ¥5,171.54 通常価格 ¥6,464.42

    2016 Coelheiros tinto 3L