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2013 Quinta de Foz de Arouce Vinhas Velhas de Santa Maria red

ID: 6420115

Quinta de Foz de Arouce is located in Conselho da Lousã, in the Beiras region. It is surrounded by the foothills of the Lousã and Penela mountain ranges and is bathed by the Arouce and Ceira rivers where the former flows into the latter. The old documents that exist in the house refer to the property as belonging to the family since the 18th century, some dependencies are known to be older, as the primitive house was twice consumed by fire. The chapel next to the house was founded by Papal Brief Pope Benedict XIII on 24-08-1724. Vine growing has been known in this area since the Visigoth occupations of the Peninsula, as attested by various legends that say that King Arunce kept wine, among other precious possessions, in his castle at Lousã. Wine production on the estate blends in with the history and demarcation of the property itself, and today, like the winery, it is the only one known in the region.