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2015 Fundação Oriente Malvasia Colares white

ID: 6020166
The Colares wines are a unique paradox in Portugal. Let's start with vineyard: fully (and only) implemented in 15 "impressive" hectares, that gives you a sense of the dynamics of this tiny region. There is also other unusual peculiarity: because they are planted in sandy soils these vines have never been affected by the scourge of Phylloxera, in the late 19th Century. But despite these paradoxes Colares is a region in its own right with genuine houses and full of character wines. Colares were the most respected and sought wines in the 30s, 40s and 50s. We can still find these exact wines, from these years, with an enviable health. These wines have an unique longevity. The main varieties are Ramisco in red and Malvasia de Colares, in white. Both castes with exceptional maritime influence, confer a unique uniqueness and character to these wines that deserve to be known.