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2015 Quinta das Bágeiras Pai Abel red

ID: 6400164
This producer Quinta das Bágeiras are known to be amongst the best in Bairrada and Portugal. Producing wines with full of character unique identity and great aging potential, this small boutique producer from Bairrada, is today one of the few wineries who is still in keeping with the region's traditions. Using only local grape varieties. The white wines made in a rare and mysterious way compared to contemporary practices are full of character and nice acidity/freshness.


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    特別価格 ¥13,650.32 通常価格 ¥17,062.90 | -20 %

    1967 Caves São João Reserva Particular red 1.5L

    Envio Gratuito
    特別価格 ¥13,227.06 通常価格 ¥16,533.82 | -20 %

    1966 Frei João Reserva red 1.5L

    Envio Gratuito
    特別価格 ¥10,052.56 通常価格 ¥12,565.70 | -20 %

    2015 Buçaco red 1.5L