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2015 Remírez de Ganuza Trasnocho Rioja red

ID: 6220627

The Trasnocho wine reflects the development of a winemaking technique, which has been perfected over the last 20 years. This technique consists of introducing a pressing system, using a PVC water bag, thus releasing 70% of the wine contained in the skins themselves. This simple but pioneering technique avoids any friction between the skins, reducing the oxidation of the wine.

This way, it is possible to bring out the virtues of the wine rather than its defects, avoiding undesirable aromas and flavours that can result from more conventional pressing methods.

Founded in 1989, by Fernando Remírez de Ganuza, Bodegas Remírez de Ganuza continues to work always with the initial premise of ensuring a rigorous grape classification process and minimal interference in the preparation of the wine.

Throughout the years, new techniques have been introduced to make and age Remírez de Ganuza wines, to constantly improve the quality of its products and meet the current needs of the markets.

Remírez de Ganuza's facilities are located in the centre of Samaniego in Álava and are surrounded by a village of rambling old buildings, so the winery has kept that same style to blend into the landscape.

In 2010 Jose Ramon Urtasun joined the company started by Fernando, thus beginning a new phase for Bodegas Remírez de Ganuza.