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2017 Opção Late Harvest white 37.5cl

ID: 6080406

Working with the grapes that are considered the most important of the region, Alvarinho, Avesso, Arinto, Loureiro and Vinhão, and joining them to others that are gaining very strong roots in this excellent terroir, António Sousa aims to reflect, through his personal imprint, the perfect symbiosis between terroir and varieties, seeking an aromatic equilibrium, on the one hand, and a unique complexity, on the other. This symbiosis resulted in two highly distinct ranges that reflect the potential of the varieties and the different forms of production. Thus, it is possible to experience the aromatic range (representing the A in AB), younger, irreverent and fresh and the aged in barrels (representing B in AB), more serious, fairly complex, balanced and very gastronomic.