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Tonic Water 1724 20cl

ID: 7060007
1724 is a tonic, which the production of it is 100% craft, made of natural ingredients. A tonic with low carbonation and quite sweet. In the mouth it stands out all the flavor of Yuzu (Japanese citrus) who knows the mandarin orange). The 1724 is the only tonic with original quinine. Quinine used by 1724 is taken to 1.724 meters under sea level on the Inca’s trail in Peru, which still grows wild. 1724 also contains mineral water from a spring in Patagonia and citrus, with no artificial sweeteners or flavorings that are characterized by a remarkable balance between bitter and sweet. The bubbles are small in 1724 and in the right amount, similar to Champagne. The packaging of 200ml is the ideal measurement for a Gin Tonic or Vodka Tonic. Undoubtedly one of the best tonic to serve up a Gin Tonic Perfect.