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Alvarinho the King of Minho

ID: 7050114


Much is said and written about Alvarinho, although its origins are not certain, Galicia or Minho. It was initially suggested as a Riesling clone brought by monks from Germany, but the most recent DNA tests do not support these claims, being in 1753 one of the first references to this variety. Native in the Minho region (Monção and Melgaço) and also in Galicia in Spain, over the years it was the result of a lot of work in the "Vinho Verde" region, asserting itself today as one of the great grape varieties in the World. In this selection we present 6 wines from different Producers and three different harvest years, where you can enjoy the 2019, youngest and most irreverent due to their "crunchy" acidity, freshness and fruit, 2018 which stands out for its structure on the palate, ending in 2017 the prove their aging potential, always maintaining the acidity that characterizes them so much.

2017 Anselmo Mendes Curtimenta Alvarinho white
2018 Quinta do Regueiro Primitivo Alvarinho white
2018 Quintas de Melgaço QM Vinhas Velhas Alvarinho white
2018 Palácio da Brejoeira Alvarinho white
2019 Soalheiro Alvarinho white
2019 Casa de Canhotos Alvarinho white