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Mackinlay Legacy 12 years

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Scotch whisky is without a doubt one of the most respected whiskies in the world. There are several styles, and in all we can find a very own and authentic profile. Among the true masterpieces that are produced in Scotland, some have a turfy and smoked profile while others, light and fruity. Whisky from coastal areas is generally characterized by fresh sea aromas with refined salinity. Generally well integrated, the sweetness in these whiskeys is omnipresent. Like the regional denominations of French wines, the Scotch Whisky can also be differentiated. Thus, the robust and aromatic wines of Bordeaux can be likened to the booming and powerful Highlands malt whiskeys. The sweet, fragrant floral of Alsace's white wines are comparable to the fruity expressions of the mild Lowlands. Lastly, and in the likeness of wines, the number of whiskey producers is enormous, and making generalizations turns out to be unfair and inaccurate. To truly know Scotch whisky you need to embark on a test that will lead you to a unique discovery of sensations - a journey of knowledge, history and pleasure.