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Madeira Casa dos Vinhos da Madeira Boal Superior (wicker bottleneck)

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The history of Madeira Wine begins shortly after the discovery of the island from which it takes its name, there being records of the first productions and exports, 25 years after its discovery.

On Madeira Island, the vines are cultivated in small earthen enclosures, known as "poios", supported by walls of earth on the slopes of the mountains, which are often difficult to access. The unique soil and climate of Madeira Island, as well as the production process and grape varieties cultivated, have contributed to the unrivalled distinction of Madeira Wine over the ages.

In addition to these factors, 30 grape varieties are still used to produce this fortified wine, the noblest being Sercial, Boal, Verdelho, and Malvasia.

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