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Moscatel de Setúbal Sociedade Vinícola Palmela

ID: 9120091
The Moscatel is the most emblematic wine produced in the Setubal region. This fortified wine can be obtained from the grapes Moscatel from Setúbal and Moscatel Roxo. In the production of generous Setúbal is mandatory that the Moscatel constitutes at least 67% of the total grape varieties used in winemaking. Normally picking the Moscatel is made when the grapes reach a sugar corresponding to about 12-13% potential alcohol in order to benefit from all the properties of the caste. In the initial phase of the fermentation of muscat, add brandy, usually 77% volume of alcohol, in an amount corresponding to increase the alcohol content of wine (usually for about de18% vol.). The level of sugar in the final wine varies between 90g and 200g per liter. Later goes up to the stage of maceration which has a variable length and can reach six months. In this phase the extraction is carried out on films of the components needed to improve the color, aroma, taste and structure of the wine. Muscat wines have persistent flavor and are especially fragrant. Moscatel de Setúbal presents a golden color that can range from clear to amber topaz and aromas emerge notes of orange blossom, honey, dates and orange.