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Quinta do Mouro Erro Z rosé

ID: 6070170
Peaceful wooded gardens, pergolas, pools and other adornments of its period, characterize the estate’s elegant Eighteenth Century architecture. For many years, the Quinta belonged to the Zagalo family, serving as a holiday home. It was forcibly expropriated following the 1974 revolution which saw the overthrow of Portugal’s right-wing dictatorship. The house and estate fell into disrepair and so after returning to its rightful owners in 1979, they decided to put it up for sale. Miguel Louro, inspired by the potential it held and a love of country living stepped up and bought Quinta do Mouro. After some challenging years exploring different farming activities such as the rearing of sheep and other animals, which never seemed to be sustainable, Miguel decided to plant a vineyard and produce his own wine.