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Vinho dos Mortos red

ID: 6060289
Wine produced in the Transmontan Region (Boticas), trough the traditional method of staging during 1-2 years under the earth. The name causes strangeness and even a certain amazement, but when you know the rich history of the Vinho dos Mortos, with all its details, flavors and aromas, it is impossible not to want to experience and taste this relic. The tradition of the Vinho dos Mortos arose in Portugal, in the year 1807, during the Peninsular War. The story goes that after the invasion of the French troops in Trás os Montes and Beira Alta, the towns were ransacked. All the wine production and the food harvested in the field were carried by the invaders. Trying to prevent the looting of the wines, the settlers buried their bottles among the pastures, grape plantations and under the cellars and fled to save their families. When the war ended and they were able to return home, they were surprised by what they found. When they dug up the bottles of wine, they expected the drink to be spoiled. But that was not the case. The burial of the drinks made the wine even more palatable, as the earth allowed the bottles to remain in a perfect environment for the enrichment of the drink's taste: dark and with constant temperature. There was born the tradition of the wine of the dead.