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2018 Jean-François Ganevat Plein Sud Cotes du Jura red

ID: 6192102

Jean-François Ganevat is unique, there is no other worldwide. Their wines are gems that result from extreme tenderness of this "vigneron" throughout his vineyard, every step that gives the grape to turn into liquid gold. Jean-Francois it is much more than a biodynamic, is a perfectionist who imagine, reaches the point of each of its small cuvées have a "elevage" unique and own, something that would lead anyone to madness. It is in the Jura, despite having worked with Jean Marc Morey in Burgundy, Jean-François makes his wines. In an enclave between Burgundy and Switzerland, there are the numerous vineyards that give rise to all cuvées from this producer, which are no more than an immortal mirror of each of its "terroirs". As fervent biodynamic, their wines have very small percentages of sulfur dioxide, or in some cases even no sulfur.