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Champagne Jacques Selosse Originale

ID: 9110240
Since taking over Champagne Jacques Selosse in 1980, Anselme has used the uncompromising brilliance of his wines—as well as no small amount of charisma—to challenge Champagne’s old definitions for excellence. With low yields and fastidious viticulture, he is able to harvest fruit that is not only Champagne’s most physiologically ripe, but also its most expressive. After nearly 40 years of altering the arc of Champagne history, Anselme decided to retire in 2018, turning the Jacques Selosse domaine over to his son Guillaume, a winemaker of exceptional skill and imagination in his own right. Not surprisingly, the transition has been utterly seamless. Guillaume had worked closely with his father for years, absorbing his philosophy and knowledge. But he had also been making brilliant Champagnes under his own name since 2009. Under Guillaume, we can be sure that the name “Jacques Selosse” will continue to be associated with Champagnes of unrivaled craftsmanship and depth of expression.