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2016 Casa Santos Lima Confidencial Reserva red

ID: 6030559

The properties of Casa Santos Lima are located in Alenquer, 45 km at north of Lisbon, in a region where the winemaking tradition is centuries old and the typical rural landscapes appear with great beauty. The vineyards stretch over gentle slopes at altitudes between 100 and 220 m, with excellent sun exposure and a temperate climate by gentle sea breezes from the Atlantic Ocean, which is about 26 km. The predominant type of soil is clay - limestone of the Upper Jurassic period, having been found numerous examples of marine life fossils, and even traces of dinosaurs (Apatosaurus alenquerensis). The replanting of the vineyard has been done at a steady pace since 1990, with the finest Portuguese grape varieties, here present a unique regional character and also, to a lesser extent, with the best international varieties. In more than 200 hectares of vineyards of the family Santos Lima, you can find a huge diversity of grape varieties.