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Vodka Uluvka

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U'Luvka is really a bottle of delicious Vodka. It is still young and old at the same time. It has roots dating back to the 17th century alchemists of the Polish Royal Court. In those intoxicating days, the tradition was to drink Vodka in cups without bases. This had a side effect. The glasses could not be put down until all the contents had been drunk. Legend has it that the court was almost permanently intoxicated and state affairs stood in a standstill. Sendivogius, the alchemist and genius of the court, was invited by the King and Queen to distil a spirit drink of such exceptional purity that the Court could continue to drink all night and allow it to work all day. Sendivogius has woven its magic and created a rare quality Royal elixir. This Polish recipe for centuries has been rediscovered in ancient archives, court records and legends. It has been meticulously recreated by one of Poland's greatest modern alchemists. The result is U'Luvka, an outstanding vodka of great heritage and distinction. Made from a blend of rye, wheat and barley grains, U'Luvka Vodka is very light, sweet and clean. The nose reflects this focus with very subtle cereals, notes of grains and vanilla, with a slightly sweet tone. It has a very sweet and sweet aroma, with some floral notes.







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