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1973 Paul Jaboulet Aíné La Chapelle Hermitage red

ID: 6190328
Almost 200 years ago, the history of the Jaboulet family began in the Hermitage vineyard. The first Jaboulet, his name Antoine, began precisely by working a Hermitage vine, right next to the chapel (Chapelle), which gives its iconic wine its name. His sons Henry and Paul, the latter eventually named the company, following in the footsteps of their father, with a passion for the land, Rhône and Syrah, to reach their ultimate exponent in these lands. In 2006, a Frey family, also an owner in Bordeaux, bought Maison Paul Jaboulet Ainé and started a new era in the house, keeping the last generation Jaboulet within the company staff, taking advantage of the know-how of this devoted family. Earth. La Chapelle is situated in the Hermitage Valley, high above, overlooking the entire Rhone Valley. Their wines are masterful, a pure expression of the Syrah variety. Incidentally, Chapelle 1961 was considered one of the best wines the world has ever seen born, it is expensive and rare, obviously, but it gives a perspective of what this portion is capable of.