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2003 Moscatel de Setúbal Adega Cooperativa de Palmela

ID: 9120307
Founded in 1955 with the name Adega Cooperativa da Região do Moscatel de Setúbal, it began its activity in 1958. The Adega Cooperativa de Palmela is one of the main centres of development of the Municipality that is markedly agricultural and where the vineyard and the wine have, for historical reasons, a fairly large importance. The main wine-growing area lies on the sandy plain that makes up a large part of the Municipality of Palmela. The Adega Cooperativa de Palmela began its activity with 50 members and with a production that did not exceed 1.5 million litres. Nowadays, production exceeds 8 million litres, and the wine cellar has the capacity to reach 10 million, with 75% being Red Wine, 15% White Wine and 10% Moscatel de Setúbal Wine.