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2008 Niepoort Redoma red 18L

ID: 6062118


On the Portuguese wine scene, there is no more consensual producer than Niepoort, and the long history begins in 1842 with the first Van Der Niepoort arriving in Portugal.

As he started in the Port Wine market as a merchant, he quickly set up his business which would prove to be prosperous and future-proof.

Thus, in the 5th generation, Dirk Niepoort was born, an unavoidable producer in the world of wines, recognised as one of the most important characters who worked, and still works, on behalf of Portuguese wine. He has worked with several dozen producers, helped them to improve their wines and understand their vineyards, while also preparing his legacy with those who are always creating irreverent wines. Nowadays, Dirk Niepoort collaborates on many other projects, in practically all national wine regions and some foreign ones.