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2016 Esteban & Tavares Tricot red 1.5L

ID: 6012216

Two great winemakers came together to "sew", used their best "needles" and created a masterpiece of great character, which they baptized with the name of Crochet.

On a typical and emblematic hillside, the old vines of Quinta do Barão grow and produce in all their splendour the grapes handpicked to participate in this team as the thread used by the winemakers, in the creation of this Crochet that from stitch to knot reveals itself to be a wine of charged, condensed, consistent colour. The potential of the raw material combined with the experience of winemakers Sandra Tavares and Susana Esteban, in a harmony of aromas and flavours, which in the complexity of the Douro, was knitted with mastery and elegance in a historic piece.