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2021 Le Macchiole Bolgheri red

ID: 6210808

Bottled for the first time in 2004, this wine is the purest expression of Bolgheri from Le Macchiole. It's a red that possesses grace and intensity, without compromising on structure and complexity.

Founded in the early 1980s, Le Macchiole is one of Bolgheri's historic wineries and over the years has become a reference point for quality Tuscan wine.

Founders Eugenio Campolmi and Cinzia Merli were among the region's pioneers and have contributed significantly to Bolgheri's growing fame, thanks to their work in creating wines full of personality that have become a symbol of the region.

Today, Cinzia runs the business with the essential support of her sons Elia and Mattia, who have become an important presence, along with a close team of enthusiastic colleagues.

Le Macchiole is constantly adapting and continually evolving, thanks to a careful and contemporary reading of wine and terroir. Thus, the conviction of using organic farming and an increasingly sustainable approach gives its wines an even more refined, elegant, and authentic style.